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Work Sharp

Work Sharp Pivot Pro Knife/Machete/Axe Sharpener with Diamond Plate

Work Sharp Pivot Pro Knife/Machete/Axe Sharpener with Diamond Plate

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The Pivot PRO Knife & Tool Sharpener® is our most feature packed member of the Pivot Series. It quickly and easily restores factory sharpness to knives and a wide range of edge tools in mere seconds. 25° Convex-Carbide® sharpening blades quickly restore a sharp edge; while the fine grit ceramic rods hone a knife edge to factory sharp results.

Beyond knife sharpening, it includes two additional dedicated sharpening modules, one for fine edge lawn & garden tools and another for scissors and shears. 320 grit diamond plate provides the perfect solution for sharpening a wide range of blades, including axes.

Handheld design is effective for use both on a work bench or counter-top and out in the yard or at camp. Scissor and Shear Sharpener can be removed from handle for convenient use where and when you need it.

  • Sharpens knives, scissors, garden tools, pruners, shears and more.
  • Sharpen on convex carbide, hone on ceramic
  • Compact, packable design
  • Diamond plate for large edged tools like Machetes and Axes
  • Scissors & lawn tool
  • Carbide sharpener
  • Made in USA



Fine Grit Ceramic

Medium Grit Diamond

Convex Carbide


Axe/Machete/Garden Tool Sharpener

Scissor Sharpener

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