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Spyderco Waterway 4.44" LC200N Rustproof G10 Fixed Blade Knife FB43GP

Spyderco Waterway 4.44" LC200N Rustproof G10 Fixed Blade Knife FB43GP

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Waterway designer Lance Clinton is a lifelong knife enthusiast and professional kayak fisherman who has spent literally thousands of hours on the water, making his knowledge of hard-use marine knives unparalleled. Clinton’s vision for the Waterway was to create an ultra-corrosion-resistant knife that would excel at fishing tasks while remaining well suited to general utility and outdoor use.

The Waterway’s blade is crafted from LC200N—a state-of-the-art high-nitrogen alloyed tool steel specifically formulated to offer superior corrosion resistance and extreme toughness, even at high levels of hardness. To maximize its strength and balance, the Waterway’s PlainEdge™ blade features a full tang. It is flanked on both sides by solid G-10 scales that are meticulously 3-D machined to create a non-slip diamond pattern. The scales are attached by a specialized process involving blind pins and a high-strength industrial adhesive, ensuring a permanent, water-tight bond.

To allow convenient carry and keep the Waterway instantly accessible, it comes complete with a custom-molded Boltaron® sheath with a versatile G-Clip™ attachment. The snap-fit sheath retains the knife securely, while allowing a smooth, easy draw, and the G-Clip can be configured to provide a full range of carry positions.

Overall Length 9.5" (241mm)

Blade Length 4.44" (113mm)

Steel LC200N Rustproof

Edge Length 4.07" (103mm)

Weight 4.3oz (122g)

Blade Thickness 0.120" (3.1mm)

Handle G-10

Grind Full-Flat

Sheath Boltaron w/G-Clip

Origin United States

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