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Sentry Solutions

Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE Solution with Precision Applicator 0.25oz

Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE Solution with Precision Applicator 0.25oz

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TUF-GLIDE™ is a dry film rust inhibitor and lubricant, replacing oils and silicones.

Sentry uses state-of-the-art dry film technology to make TUF-GLIDE a superior, long-lasting product for both rust protection and lubrication. Sentry developed a proprietary formula of dry film rust inhibitors and lubricants which have a natural affinity for metals. Pure mineral spirits is the carrier, so TUF-GLIDE is fast drying and easy to apply. TUF-GLIDE should be used on all types of metal finishes, and woods for protection and lubrication. It makes oil and silicone products obsolete.


TUF-GLIDE penetrates hard to access areas and displaces water. It provides cleaning, rust protection and lubrication. Pure mineral spirits carries the active ingredients and provides cleaning action. It evaporates, and Sentry's proprietary ingredients bond to the surface; this bonding ensures long-lasting effectiveness. TUF-GLIDES' waterproof protection will not wash off and won't thicken in the cold (even down to -40F/-40C). It will not attract dirt like oil-based products, nor is it a slippery film like silicone. It is great to use on wood and is safe for most plastics.


  • Clean surfaces well.
  • Apply a few drops of TUF-GLIDE to surfaces/areas to be protected. Work the mechanism to insure complete coverage. Wipe off any excess and remainder of equipment with TUF-CLOTH.

Precision applicator helps with hard-to-reach areas. Use frequently if item is exposed to wear or stored outside.

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