Nano-Oil by StClaire 10 Weight Nanolube with Precision Applicator 30cc


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Widely known as the best knife lubricant available

At under 0.090 micron in size, the active molecules in Nano-Oil by StClaire are called Nano-Bearings that are truly within the nano scale. Imagine 50 million Nano-Bearings per square millimeter of contact reducing friction. The Nano-Bearings are magnetically induced (negatively charged) to adhere to microscopic crevices and penetrate metals to provide a very low friction contact.

This 10 weight (Light) Nano-Oil has the perfect viscosity for knife pivots. 

It is suitable for all Knives, Guns, Rifles, Flashlight Threads (anti-galling), Fishing Reels, Locks, Hinges, Bicycles: Bearings, Cables, Chains, Sprockets and Derailleur, Motorcycle forks (will also reduce pitting of chromes), Electric motors bushings, Commutator/brushes assemblies, and Cam-driven equipment.

30cc with precision blunt needle applicator.

Made in USA.

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