Lansky Variety Sampler 4 Pack Hone Set - Leather, Arkansas, Diamond, Curved - VAR4


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Lansky Variety Sampler 4 Hone Set

Compatible with Lansky Sharpening Systems

Replace the most widely used hones in your kit, while getting a taste for different varieties of abrasives.


  1. Leather Stropping - For unparalleled polishing.
  2. Soft Arkansas (200-350 grit) - A natural whetstone great for regular knife maintenance.
  3. Medium Diamond (280 grit) - Sharpens the fastest, even on the hardest steels.
  4. Medium Curved (280 grit) - For inwardly curved blades such as a karambit.

Can be used freehand or with any Lansky Sharpening System.

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