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Lansky Leather Stropping Hone HSTROP

Lansky Leather Stropping Hone HSTROP

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Use this specialty hone to polish your edge to a razor sharp, mirror's edge

Compatible with Lansky Sharpening Systems

Polishing a knife edge or “stropping” with leather will result in the most keen edge your blades have seen since they left the factory. Stropping with leather is an age old technique for polishing a blade edge that delivers unparalleled results.

This Leather Hone is used only on blades that are already extremely sharp. This is the only Lansky Hone that is moved in the opposite direction of all the other hones (pulled away from edge). Proper stropping instructions included in the packaging.

    Can be used freehand or with any of the Lansky Controlled Angle Systems to achieve a razor sharp mirror-polish on your blade's edge. The Stropping Hone can be used dry but using a polishing compound (e.g. Flexcut Gold) will help give better results and increase the lifespan of the leather hone.

    IMPORTANT: Rather than push the hone against the edge like you would with other hones. The Leather Stropping Hone requires that you pull the hone away from the edge. This will polish any burr or wire edge off your blade and leave you with a polished finish.

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