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KPL DRY FILM Fluorinated Dry Lubricant 10ML

KPL DRY FILM Fluorinated Dry Lubricant 10ML

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For those that prefer to run their knife pivots dry to avoid attracting dust and dirt, we introduce KPL Dry Film™. DRY FILM™ goes on as a liquid, but quickly flashes off to leave behind a 100% dry fluorinated layer.

Unlike competing products, Dry Film has no liquid or waxy components to attract dust or lint. In fact, the low surface energy of dry film prevents particulates from attaching themselves to metal surfaces and makes them less likely to attract themselves to your knife parts.

A non-toxic, dirt repellent, sub-micron dry film lubricant utilizing ultra concentrated pure fluorinated lubricant - smoother and without the toxic smell of competing technologies.
Our food-grade solvent base incorporates fast evaporating high-molecular weight liquids with extremely low viscosities.

These fluid properties permit the suspension to flow in an extremely thin laminar boundary layer removing even the smallest contaminants from knife substrates.
Seconds later, liquids flash off, leaving behind pure fluorinated dry film consisting of particles no larger than 0.5μm - even on microscopic surface textures.

KPL Dry Film - lowest surface energies of any dry lubricant on the market. Double-action formula removes particulates to semiconductor-fab standards and replaces them with a dry film application in one step! REACH compliant, eco-friendly.

Made in USA

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