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CRKT HZ6 6.5" SK5 Fixed Blade Knife - James Williams design - 2927

CRKT HZ6 6.5" SK5 Fixed Blade Knife - James Williams design - 2927

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Designed by James Williams in Vass, North Carolina

Made for the modern warrior.

Paying tribute to the hira-zukuri—a classical Japanese straight sword—knifemaker James Williams brings us the HZ6. Hailing from the 8th century, the original hira-zukuri style blade was first popularized in daggers and utilized as a powerful “short” sword for survival and everyday use. And just like its origin, the HZ6 is purpose-built for real life warriors, only now designed to meet the demands of the modern world.
  • High Performance Steel: SK-5 carbon steel holds an edge well
  • Strong and Useful: full tang provides strength
  • Enhanced Protection: black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional Grip: G10 handle provides grip in all conditions
  • Gear Compatible: Durable Boltaron® sheath with mounting options

Honoring the classical Japanese straight sword, the HZ6 derives from the ancient hira-zukuri blade style, which features no ridgelines whatsoever. But the true power behind this tactical knife’s smooth blade surface is the ability to accomplish impressively clean penetration across whatever surface it meets. And since the blade is decked in protective coating to diminish rust and corrosion, you’ll have less to worry about when brandishing the blade in rougher or wetter weather.

And what’s in its name? The first two initials stand for “hira-zukuri”, while the numerical “6” refer to the mighty 6.5” blade. But its size isn’t the only thing to fear—constructed of tough SK-5 carbon steel, slashing and puncturing comes second nature to the HZ6. Even the knife’s handle pulls from Japanese influence, the handle’s carved x’s representing the traditional wrapping of a sword. But it’s not only for aesthetic purposes—designed for delivering a tremendous grip for cold, wet, gloves or gloveless hands; there's added durability with each strike and blow. Paired with a well-fitted sheath, utilize the holster’s clip to keep it extra close on your belt, or slip a lanyard through the opening at the base of the handle.


Blade Length 6.50" (165.10 mm)
Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel SK-5
Blade Finish Powder Coat
Blade Thickness 0.21" (5.41 mm)
Overall Length 11.31" (287.35 mm)
Weight 8.40 oz. (238.14 g)
Handle G10
Style Fixed Blade Knife w/Sheath
Sheath Material Boltaron®
Sheath Weight 2.50 oz. (70.87g)

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