Cold Steel Voyager XL Drop Point 5.5" AUS10A Stonewash Folding Knife 29AXB


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New Drop Point Voyager® Our new Drop Point Voyagers are perfect for anyone who wants a big tough folder that's lower profile but is ideal for hunting and utility work. Saber ground, its blade is slightly heavier than most to facilitate cutting and features a strong yet sharp point with lots of belly. It's ideal for the biggest skinning jobs and will make short work of everyday tasks as well.

"There are an awful lot of outdoorsman out there who only want two things from their folding knife and that’s the ability to field dress and skin game, and still be able to perform camp chores. That’s why we are now offering our iconic Voyager series with 4” and 5 ½” long drop point blade shapes, as this blade style has proved to highly versatile and is an ideal shape for a hunting knife. One of the things I like in particular about our new drop points is their cutting edges are continuously curved and offer a lot of belly (curve near the tip) that makes it a breeze to pull the hide off just about any size game.

One of the things I like in particular about our new drop point Voyagers is their points are acute enough for sticking (some points are too blunt) and their cutting edges are continuously curved with a big belly near the tip. This makes them particularly useful in skinning the big animals I harvest every year and I’m sure you’ll find them equally useful, especially for the money asked." - Lynn Thompson

Blade Length:

5 1/2"

Blade Thickness:

4 mm

Overall Length:

12 1/4"


8 oz.


Japanese AUS 10A Stainless (Stonewash Finish)



Pocket Clip:

Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip


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