• Boker Plus Wildcat D2 Ball-Bearing Folding Karambit Knife - Boris Manasherov Design 01BO772

  • S$159.90

  • Description

    Designed by Boris Manasherov, knife designer and "Krav Magà” instructor for the Israeli Army.
    Boris Manasherov's outstanding feel for the ergonomics and handling of a knife is also fully on display on the Wildcat. The Kerambit compels with perfect handling, while the ball-bearing supported D2 blade can either be opened softly with the thumb hole or quickly and authoritatively with the flipper. The reversible clip (l/r) provides a secure pocket seat that still leaves the ring accessible above the pocket hem for a quick draw. Linerlock mechanism. Stainless steel liners with G-10 scales.
    • Overall length: 18,5 cm
    • Blade length: 7,1 cm
    • Weight: 129 g
    • Blade thickness: 3,4 mm
    • Blade material: D2
    • Ball-Bearing Pivot
    • Thumb hold or Flipper opening
    • Handle material: G-10
    • Designer: Boris Manasherov
    • Lock: Linerlock

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