KAI Combination Smooth/Ribbed Honing Steel Rod Sharpener


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With each use of your knife, the razor-sharp edge naturally bends over just a tiny bit. The edge is still sharp, but the sharpest part isn’t making contact with the food. The answer is honing with the KAI Stainless Honing Steel. It gently realigns the edge of the blade, prolonging the knife's sharpness. The Combination Honing Steel has two surfaces: a smooth one for day-to-day honing, and a micro-ribbed one for weekly honing. 

To make honing to the standard 16° kitchen knife angle easier, the Combination Honing Steel has a built-in 16° angle on the handle guard. The TPE handle provides a secure grip.

  • 9" stainless rod with with smooth and micro-ribbed surfaces.
  • 13.5" Overall
  • Stainless Steel
  • TPE handle

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