• Boker Solingen Waldorf 4/8" 24K Gold Spanish Head Straight Razor - Made in Germany - 140121

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  • Description

    Because of its pronounced front blade end, the Spanish head is primarily suited for particularly close shaves and accurate trimming of the beard contour. Starting immediately, the Waldorf 24 Carat Gold is therefore available with the Spanish head in the exceedingly popular 4/8" blade width and thus satisfies even the highest expectations for a close shave.

    The 24 carat gold plating not only presents a particularly refined accent on this exceedingly sophisticated straight razor, but also provides additional corrosion protection of the non-stainless carbon steel, which continues to be the material of choice for premium straight razors due to its particularly fine grain structure. Shipped with authenticity certificate and in historical packaging.

    Made in Solingen, Germany


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